Now Presenting Your Princess and Princess
Posted October 21, 2013 2:57 pm by #DavidM

The halls of Cleveland have been alive with spirit since homecoming week. Kicking it all off was the traditional pep assembly Oct. 4. As per tradition, the homecoming court nominees competed in a relay race to determine who would be crowned king and queen. Juniors Maddie Hayes-Lattin and Jake Robertson were victorious in winning the relay.

Not to take anything away from Hayes-Lattin and Robertson, but the real win for homecoming this year was for the senior lesbian couple who were voted by their classmates as class princess and princess, an event never before seen at Cleveland.

The senior couple, Laurel Osborne and Sophia Schoenfeld, were excited to be voted in. “It was really cool to see that all of our friends voted for us,” said Schoenfeld when asked about how she felt on she and Osborne winning.

Special Projects Coordinator Jan Watt, who said it is a first for Cleveland, said it made her “proud to be a Warrior” and she saw this as a great step forward for Cleveland as a whole.

And what was really great about what happened? No one made a big deal out of it; rather the senior class simply recognized two of their friends who were dating by voting for them as part of the homecoming court.

The significance of the event was not lost on other school leaders. Principal Paul Cook said, “It speaks volumes" and Camille Adana, activities director, said it shows that “Cleveland is educated with the times.”

Co-Student Body President Antonia Washington said it puts Cleveland in a great light because “a lot of places wouldn't be ok with it," but, "it's awesome that the Cleveland Student Body has such an open mind."

With the support of the students, as well as the staff, it seems Cleveland continues to build a great community amongst each other. So, Cleveland can be sure to look forward to many more memorable homecomings, especially if the student body does not stop making the school a great home.

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